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Anthonie Verheijke and Janet Chamia, founders of the Butterfly Foundation, have always reached out to less fortunate people. Anthonie has worked for many years in the health and mental care in The Netherlands and Janet is a succesfull business woman in Kenya. With Butterfly they would love to disseminate their vision and mission to the world. Naturally, they welcome all well wishers to bring success to the Butterfly Foundation Projects and all of their volunteer work goals. Apart from volunteers and interns, we also welcome generous and kind people who are willing to support the projects financially, as sponsors, or by donating materials to a needy child or person to enable them to live a better life.

Foundation Projects

The Butterfly Foundation was created for supporting practical and "down to earth" iniatives. The funds are allocated to, for example, new classrooms or toiletspaces and sewage systems in a children´s home and other important infrastructural and structural improvements. At this moment the Foundation is supporting Midcity Soccer Trust and Midcity Soccer Academy.

Sponsor Projects

Funds given by our Sponsoring Support are also allocated to needy people and children. Small gifts can make a big impact sometimes. For instance, we give toys to children, shoe´s and clothes or we pay their tuition fees to stimulate regular schoolactivities. Another option is to sponsor Midcity with all kinds of football equipment.

Check Support Possibilities for more information.

Visit us: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Butterfly-SponsoringFoundation-Support/159424257542028