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With over 10 years of experience in tour operations, Focus in Africa is a leading safari company in Tanzania. We design tailor-made adventures at affordable prices. We offer a large variety of safaris, treks, volunteer programs, internships, and cultural excursions. We take pride in making a difference in Tanzania. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities including: HIV/AIDS awareness, teaching in local schools,  environmental conservation, and supporting orphans. Our mission is to showcase the tremendous beauty of Tanzania! Karibu Sana!

Volunteer in Living water Orphanage 

living water

Living water Orphanage is located in Moshi road in Arusha. Living Water Children Centre was founded by the Kimaro family in 2003. Today, 45 orphans and children from less fortunate backgrounds call it home. The Centre is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) aiming to support orphans and less fortunate children in Tanzania.

LWCC is situated 6km/3miles out of Arusha town. The village is in a beautiful neighborhood called Ngulelo located in the Northern part of Tanzania near Mount Meru (second highest mountain in Tanzania).

Your tasks will be, depending on your skills:

Assist students in the classroom and after school with their assignments

Entertain and run extra activities with games

Help them to learn their lessons,

Entertain and run extra activities with games

Help them to eat food, serve food or be with them while eating so that they can feel family environment

Teach health and sanitation, like help the children to wash their face and brush their teeth

Prepare them for schools, check their cloths

Health care, mini-checkups, height/weight charting & taking the children to hospitals.

Cleaning and repairing the children’s surroundings, clothing, shoes, etc.

Take part in clubs like, reading, spelling bees, drama, music and dancing.

Assisting with husbandry projects. We have cows, goats, and chickens

Visiting the HIV positive patients in the village and donate food to the families (Home Based Care)


Accommodation:You will be accommodated in the house for volunteers

Food: local Tanzanian food.

Working hours.25-32 hrs in a week from Monday to Friday.

During weekends you can visit the Tanzania National park (Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater).

Public Transportation to and from orphanage by Dala Dala (Public Minibuses)

Electricity Electricity in Tanzania is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

Outlets in Tanzania generally accept 2 types of plug three round pins arranged in a triangle, or two parallel flat pins with ground pin. If your appliances plug has a different shape, you may need a plug adapter.

Communication: Internet We have the full wireless connection at our volunteer house and only costs $1 per day. So you can come with your laptop and you can subscribe as long as you want then we will give you the password.

Telephone: You can buy a SIM card at $2 and purchase pre-paid credit to make phone calls.  Our coordinator will help you buying one.


Getting around Tanzania:

BUSES From our volunteer house to your project area it costs less than $1 for a roundtrip.

TAXI:Cost depends on where you’re going and during what time of the day. The average cost is from $3 to $5 during the day time and during the night time.


Program Fee The minimum placement fee is 250usd per week per volunteer and minimum volunteering duration is 2weeks while placement fee per month is 600usd per volunteer.

What does your program fee cover?

The total cost includes pickup from the airport/bus station on your arrival, registration,volunteer permit orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals{breakfast, lunch and dinner} during volunteer placement period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and administration and communication costs and donation for the orphanage. 

What does the program fee not cover?

Visa{Tourist Visa for getting into this country},flights, travel insurance (compulsory), vaccinations, souvenirs, trips or tours you do while in the country, gift to projects staffs and host family, any personal expenses, transfer back to the airport from the program, spending money (volunteers in our different destination generally find $40USD to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).

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