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New sweaters for the children of the Vision School in Mtwapa and the children in House of Hope Children`s Home in Nyali

Ilse van Bree and her parents went with Sina Horndt and Annemarie de Jong in June 2012 to the Vision School and the Children`s Home House of Hope with a lot of presents for the children. All the children have gotten new sweaters and some toys, like balloons and balls. Ilse and Sina are doing an internship at Jacyjoka from TIO University,The Netherlands, this time, and they like to sponsor this children in this way.

Click here for more pics of the sponsoring by Ilse and Sina

House of Hope Children`s Home in Nyali

Jan Harthoorn and Ad Captijn, Jan and Cap, have visited during their short holiday in March 2012 at Jacyjoka Apartments close by the children`s home House of Hope. They met the mother of the house and have given the children books, pencils and goodies. They also donated some cash, but that was not a big deal, the mother was doing a good job!, they thought. They hope to come back soon.

Click here for more pics from Jan and Cap at the House of Hope children`s home in Nyali

The children's home in Kiembeni

This is the place where very young kids between the age of 0 and 8 years are given shelter by Josefine and her team. Many children's clothes, which have been given to the Butterfly Sponsoring Support in the Netherlands, have been delivered to this specific children's home.

Lou and Petri Klein, from Obdam inThe Netherlands tell us; 'We have visited this children's home during our holiday in Kenya. We are now donating a fixed sum every month to the Foundation to supply this children's home with the basic necessities, diapers for instance'.

The raising and education of these young children require a substantial investment of money and means. School tuition, school supplies, toys, hospital bills, nutrition, clothes and footwear: but also volunteers who will roll up their sleeves for a few weeks, it's a continuous returning requirement which will be met by the Sponsoring Support with your support and contribution.

Want to support us? Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you the account details.

The children home `Sons of Abraham`

Lara and Stephanie, how did their Internship at Jacyjoka Apartments, sponsered the children of the orphanage " Sons of Abraham " in Mombasa, with toys.

Click here for more pics from this Sponsorship.

Sponsor a child

Many children donĀ“t finish school or even attend any schoolprogram. As a result, most kids continue to live in sheer poverty. Butterfly4Volunteers regularly gets in touch with these kids. In consultation with schools we decide if these kids can be sponsored. We sponsor these children by paying tuition fees directly. Then, we ask the child involved to write a motivation letter which is published on our website accompanied by pictures. Further contact between sponsor and child is completely depending on wishes from both sides. If the contact is satisfying there is a possibility that he or she can be your guide on your holiday to the local area.

Would you like to sponsor a child too? Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.