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Volunteer and intern projects at several locations in Kenya


Mombasa is the second largest City of Kenya and it is situated at the Coastal line of the Country. It is famous as tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches and hotels. It is linked to the south via a ferry and to the North and west by bridges. The town is very rich in history since it was once used as slave trade point and it has one of the ancient civilization. The main means of public transport is Matatu (mini buses) and taxis.
The language spoken is Swahili. most often you will hear people saying Jambo which is the greeting, - Asante means Thank you, - Karibu means Welcome. The people residing in this area are very friendly!



Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, It is the most populous city in East Africa and has a population of arround 3 million people.Nairobi is one of the prominent cities in Africa politically and financially. It is a home of many Companies and Organisations including United Nations, UNEP etc. It has a lot of modern buildings. It has an international airport (Jomo Kenyatta International airport) There are many recreational sites, parks and gardens, its has a moderate climate. Nairobi has a large tourist industry, being both tourist destination and transport hub.


Kitui is a rural town in Kenya, 130 km east of Nairobi. It has a population of 515,422 people. Local people are mostly of Kamba tribe although other tribes are found there. The climate is semi-arid and it has 2 rainy seasons. The vast majority of the economy is based on farming. The staple food is rice and corn meal. There are primary and secondary schools in the area. There are several pubs, hotels and restaurant, markets within the district.


Thika is a market place in central Kenya. It is 40 km north of Nairobi and it has a population of 88 265 people. There are several touristic attraction like Fourteen falls and Chania falls. There several industries and it has a pineaple growing farms. There are modern recreational sites and theres a lot of night life.