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For 7 weeks, Ylene Tinga volunteer from The Netherlands, has done volunteer work in 3 different places in Mombasa. With a lot of fun, she has assisted in a children home all the afternoons in a week with helping home work, playing, etc. 2 Mornings in a week, she has given English lessons at a nursery school and the other 3 mornings she assisted in the Shimo La Tewa Health Centre with bringing new borns in the world. She weighted the babies and did some other work to assist the nurses.
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Ilse van Bree, student of the TIO University in Eindhoven The Netherlands, has done volunteerwork in a children home in Thika. This precede her internship by Butterfly4Volunteers for her education at the TIO University in Eindhoven.

Click here for more pictures of this volunteerwork of Ilse in Thika.

Angeliki Douri from Greece and Dario Desantis from Italy have done their Volunteer Project at the orphanage of Kiembeni in Mombasa

At Shimo La Tewa Health Centre in Mombasa, Angela Musyoki has worked as a volunteer. She had various experiences in different departments. They were:

Registry Dept.; which deals in recording information of the clients/patients

MCH/FP Dept.; mother-child health / family planning

CCC/VCT Dept; comprehensive care clinic / voluntary counselling and testing for HIV

Pharmacy Dept.; this department deals with different types of drugs for different diseases