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The application process for a placement involves 3 steps.

Step 1

Please send the completed online application form back to us, after which we will carefully review all information a.s.a.p. Next, we will contact you and ask you to send us your CV and motivational letter in English.

Step 2

Subsequently we will review the information with our project managers and inform you within two weeks about all the available projects and accommodations. Based on this info, you can inform us about your preferences (your preferred project & accommodation) and pay a 50 Euro (refundable) down payment for the reservation of the project and accommodation. Beside information about your preferences we would also like to receive a receipt of payment.

Step 3

We will send you a letter of confirmation including all other information about the project and accommodation of your choice. We will then ask you to pay the remaining 200 Euro´s registration fee (non-refundable) including 80 Euro´s for the first week plus 55 Euro´s for the transfer. We would also like to receive a receipt of payment. We ask you to examine your confirmation letter carefully again, to look for possible improvements or adjustments. If it´s necessary we will send you a new letter based on your last remarks and adjustments. The weekly fee, high-class and extra lessons should be paid before the beginning of every new week.

Final confirmation

After we have received the complete application fee and confirmation letter, you will receive another confirmation letter from us within three working days. Now you can really start your own preparations for the project. We advise you to contact JoHo for an insurance and their World Support Service

Before arrival

Please don't forget to send us your flight details to facilitate your reception at the airport on your arrival date.

Satisfaction promise

You can count on our guidance and support during your service, from beginning to end. In case you encounter any problems, the Butterfly4Volunteers office can be reached by phone 24/7 for support and advice or emergency cases. You can look forward to a great volunteering experience overseas!