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Always a summer internship at different hotels in Mombasa Kenya

Marketing or Management

Maybe you may think that Kenya has a specific summer period. And you want to do your summer internship 'hotel management' or 'tourist marketing' in the nicest weather possible. Evidently, you are selective where to spend your internship and you are in need of a bit of sunshine. Well, fortunately the climate in Kenya is like summer in your region all year around. Depending on the wet- or dry season and the specific location of your stay, temperatures never fall below 70. (21 degrees Celsius). So, doing your summer internship is not depending on what month of the year it is at all. You can even have a summer internship in February. Butterfly4Volunteers arranges different kind of internships for students in hotel management and tourist marketing during Kenya´s all year summertime. During your stay you will be responsible for a number of hotel activities. During your summer internship in Kenya you can work at the front office, picking up the phone, ushering guests in, dealing with bookings and reservations, see to it that the rooms are cleaned and provide hotel guests with solid information about their stay. But, there is more, especially for students who want to specialize themselves in tourist marketing.

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How we organise your summer internship hotel management or tourist marketing

At Butterfly4Volunteers we consider every aspect of your internship. We know there are specific needs and conditions which must be met, either by yourself or your school or university. You might have a specific topic to investigate, a very special internship assignment to realise. Well, we can accommodate you in many different ways. For example, if you want to develop a specific action plan to fill up every corner of the hotel by means of advertising, a clever marketing idea or any other activity, we can always put these investigative and creative ideas to the chief hotel manager. But, as you might know, the day to day business of running an hotel can be a very insightful experience and a very rewarding summer internship on its own. So, do you have specific ideas to plan your summer internship or specific internship assignments? Let us know and we will get back to you. Butterfly4volunteers will enable you achieve your dreams and enter the hotel market world with confidence.