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Support Possibilities by Sponsoring & Foundation Support

Butterfly4Volunteers knows where help is needed and facilitates with the Butterfly Sponsoring and Foundation Support, volunteers, interns and visitors to visit places where they can see with their own eyes how enormous the problem of poverty actually is. Collected cuddly toys, pens, exercise books and candy are frequently given to children in children´s homes or schools. Sometimes volunteers , interns and guests buy and give these items on site in the local area. Local school or children´s home are consulted if they want to be sponsored and if they give the Butterfly Sponsoring and Foundation Support permission to be published on our website.

How does sponsoring work and our foundation operate?

Ones decided to start a sponsor or foundation support project, the information about the project will be published on our website. Together with pictures and stories from our visitors, visiting volunteers and interns. Subsequently, people who are interested can contact us and inform us in which way they want to contribute to the project. To become a donor? You can send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you the account details.

Local population takes action

The amount of self-support and motivation which is demonstrated by the local population is crucial for the effectiveness of our Butterfly Sponsoring and Foundation Support aid program. Simply put, what is in fact the contribution made by the local population to effectively work on a solution? Subsequently, what can we do to facilitate this solution and generate a positive endresult?

Sponsoring Support

Before implementing our Sponsoring Support program, Butterfly and the two parties (sponsor and the aid receiving party) will determine which need is the most urgent and how we can allocate the different means. For instance, cuddly toys and a well stocked supply cabinet can already be sufficient for the children's home for the time being. The sponsoring party can agree with us that Butterfly will keep in touch with the children's home on a monthly basis, so that we can arrange the supplies for a previous agreed sum of money.

Foundation Support

With the Foundation Support, Butterfly wants to solve problems for the long run in cooperation with the local population. Local iniatives are necessary to guarantee long term support from Butterfly. A project must be supported locally from the beginning, during which Butterfly continuously adjusts and puts the actual management of the project in the region itself.

Bad corn crops have lead to pure poverty and to get some extra income, the locals have started the production of bricks. These bricks are sold to substitute the turf huts for brick houses. In this way it's shown that the local people are active and want to maintain iniative. Butterfly helps out by collecting funds based on the Foundation Support donations.


A good example of the lengthy cooperation are the fish farms in Kitui, Ndundune. These farms were created in 2011 by using our Foundation’s resources in order to replace the agriculture of the disappointing harvest or corn by an economy less dependent on the climate. From within the local community itself, there were people who took care of the ponds by raising the fish and treating the pond itself, and the subsequent catching of the fish and selling them at the market.

Over the course of time, it turned out that the pond’s water supply was insufficient, which caused the water to recede. The ponds were then filled with water by the local community. They brought pans, jugs and geezers to a source nearby an already dry river, and they brought the water back to the pond. Because of the persevering drought, there wasn’t any water to be found, so the ponds could not be kept filled. There was not enough water to replenish the ponds. This resulted in the ponds becoming dry, and we could no longer take care of the farms. Thats the reason of the decission of the Butterfly Foundation to take over the fish ponds in the Irrigation Pilot Program in Kitui: I.P.P.K.


 Follow this link if you want to know more about 'Sponsoring' or the Irrigation Pilot Program in Kitui, or one of the Other Foundation Projects