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DSCN2451 DanielDaniel Ibikunle from North Cyprus has done 6 weeks internship at Jacyjoka Apartments & Restaurant and Netherken Safaris & Tours for his training Toersime Marketing at Cyprus International University.

I always knew I would study abroad. The passion for traveling, interest in foreign cultures and languages as well as love for adventure must have been the reasons why I am here. I am also very thankful to Butterfly4Volunteers, who made everything possible and easy for me. This is how I came for my internship in Jacyjoka and ended up falling in love with Kenya.

I really appreciate the complex plan of my internship. The routines, projects and practicals which complement one another in a very logical way. I appreciate the fantastic management and staff for all what they taught me and how they trusted me to help them with important tasks such as designing brochures for safari and adventure travel & much more.

I have learnt a lot more about tourism in Kenya and how to manage a hotel business there. I wouldn't know as much as I do today if it weren't for this internship. Thanks to Butterfly4Volunteers for setting this up for me.


5 Students from TIO University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has done for 10 weeks their internship Tourism Marketing. Dennis de Groot and Shannon v d Gaag at Meiplace Apartments; Renate Mens and Vivian Stoffers for 5 weeks at Nightingale Apartments and 5 weeks at Ltorec Apartments and Jelle de Graaf at Haviton Apartments.






Sina Horndt and Ilse van Bree, from TIO University Eindhoven The Netherlands, have done their internship Tourism Marketing at Jacyjoka Apartments & Restaurant.

Bo en Suzanne from Tio University Utrecht have done for 12 weeks their internship Tourist Marketing at Jacyjoka Apartments.

Suzanne and Bo: ` Incomparable internship in Mombasa, Kenya`

Suzanne:` The internship was tremendous interesting. We were allowed to do different work. We should even go as tour guides with our own calculated safari`.

Bo:` The first week consisted of introduction and lessons about the country. So the culture, the history, the food, the language and the cloths were dealt`.

At Jacyjoka Apartments, Lara and Stephanie from Tio University Amsterdam have done their Internships for 10 weeks.

Click here for to see pics from their Certification Ceremony.